Top Definition
1. Banana

2. Bananas

3. A banana

4. The banana

5. The Bananas

6. These bananas

7. Those bananas
Jake: Do you want banan?

Carol: Yes, I love banan

Justine: Cannot deny the power of banan

Kevin: Cannot deny the fortitude of banan
by I<3Banan May 05, 2011
1. A sexual fruit. In other words, a fruit that natural implies sexual use or any fruit that is used sexually.
2. A fruit you can have sex with and eat too!
"Jeff went to the store and bought some banans today, I didn't know he was into that."
"I need to spice up my love life, but I also need some potassium, I think I'll get some banans!"
by the_real_cjl February 10, 2015
The Danish word for "banana"
I sure could use a banana right now...!
by Zorglub November 01, 2003
1. a substitute for the "n word" which suggests a longing to be included within african american culture. it should always be used in an exceptionally white tone of voice. only douchbags use it.
1."well that croquet lesson was stellar! by golly look fred! it's one of those ghetto fabulous banans! well i'll be"
by yo go mokio April 07, 2005

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