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An event that is considered fantastic but has happened randomly, by suprise and/or all of a sudden.
A 5 dollar bill falls from the sky.
guy 1: whoa that 5 bucks came out of nowhere
guy 2: thats bamtastic!
by Justin Grimes May 31, 2007
the 3rd most hottest girl in a large group of girls.
if you get the bamalicious one and he gets the bamarific one, i guess ill take the bam tastic one
by sean hudspeth July 23, 2004
awesome or like really kool
1.thats a bamtastic band
2.thats just bamtastic
by Paige January 25, 2005
Scots language

Derived from the Scots word ‘Bam’.


1. A delinquent, idiot, can be violent, general behaviour is of an anti-social nature.
2. Also known as Ned in Scotland. Chav in England.

Bamtastic is a term used to describe a situation containing many bams or a place frequented often by bams.
'Ye better stay away fae that pub unless yer wantin yer heid kicked in, it’s a right bamtastic nuthoose’
by Hoachy August 14, 2016
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