gun, gat, steel, equalizer, piece
when the bamboo snap bitch i blam through caps snitch
by KaTaN X November 01, 2007
Top Definition
When a girl takes both the penis and ballsac into her mouth simultaneously
She bamboozeled that guys dick and balls
by blus November 14, 2008
When a girl take both the penis and scrotum into her mouth simultaneously.
That girl bamboozeled that guys dick amd balls
by blus November 18, 2008
An Asian's morning wood.
person 1: "He had such a hard on this morning."

person 2: "He's asian right?"

person 1: "Yeah?"

person 2: "So would you call his morning wood a bamboo?"
by HHOT April 01, 2012
A politically correct curse word. Modeled after an episode of Man VS Wild in which Bear Grylls attempts to craft a windsurfer out of bamboo. After unsuccessfully attempted to break off pieces of bamboo for a long time, he screams out "AAAARRRRRGGGGG BAAAAMMMMMBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOO!!!" in pure frustration.
Woman, I told you my knight elf was mining! Bamboo!
by PureRawmance December 09, 2010
rolling paper and or zig zags
Let me get some bamboo to roll this up with.
by George January 18, 2005
A word describing a female of Asian decent. Usually used when the female is found attractive.
I walked through the door and found myself in room full of bamboo!
by Miller Sanchez June 06, 2007
a sort of weed (cannabis). it is mostly used to feel high.
"Smokin' weed and bamboo, sippin' on private stock " notorious BIG
by the biggy May 19, 2008
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