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Residents of Germany who unjustifiably antagonize those with faster vehicles, usually out of jealousy either of said vehicle, or more likely, of the penis.
Baloo drives an four-cylinder Benz
by Monte December 16, 2003
The most funny, caring and lovable boyfriend in the world.
Baloo I love you, you're the best.
by gahnuh August 24, 2010
The Hindi word for bear. Also a nickname for bear-like people. Also written "bhaloo"
You are as big, hairy, and sweet. I shall call you Baloo.
by Psoriasis August 30, 2012
From the old school cartoon series talespin where the bear named baloo always had a scheme for money. It is used to describe a girl who chases money and men with money constantly.
that bitch stole my wallet, what a baloo
by J June 09, 2004
The name of a dog that likes to dangle his red dick, when he has the chance, he will rape anyone in sight.
"Dude that dog is such a Baloo, look at its sausage."
"I know right, I hope i'll never be alone with a Baloo
by Enemy_Pube November 04, 2013
A funny and caring boyfriend.
Baloo I love you, you can always make me smile!
by gahnuh August 24, 2010
a word that describes a hard hit
1. a girl was walking and baloo she got hit by a bus

2. a train was coming and baloo i was dead

3. i farted and baloo i pooped
by erickgonzalezz June 23, 2009