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An expression to describe someone who is willing to risk or gamble with extreme consequences should they lose.
"You better be careful before you put your balls on the table."

Man 1: Ok, I'm all in.
Man 2: Shiiit, me too.
Man 3: I see the balls are on the table tonight.
by cousinitt April 06, 2010
risking everything

a shortened way of saying the phrase
Don't "put your balls on the table, or she'll smash it with a frying pan"
zach:wow man don't propose tonight
Cj:what the hell why not
Zach im just saying you'll be putting your balls on the table
by PB SLAPPER June 23, 2010
When a man or woman makes their sexual intentions unmistakably clear.
Guy A: "Every five minutes she says, 'i need someone to make out with' and so i say 'let's go' and then later she says she thought i was joking."

Guy B: "Give her the ol' dick in the laptop bag. That'll put the balls on the table, so to speak"
by sinistlor December 08, 2009