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The inside of a male's swimming suit, or anything that has to do with a ball and a net. Can also be used as an insult, complement (depending on the tone), or verb. Originated in Latham, NY.
Example #1
Person #1: Hey, you cant do that here!
Person #2: AWH BALLNET!!!!!!!

Example #2
Person #1: Dude, my vacation sucked!
Person #2: Why?
Person #1: I got so chafed from the ballnet in my swimming trunks.

Example #3
Person #1: I don't like you.
Person #2: Dude, you're such a ballnet.

Example #4
Person #1: Dude i just got 96% on my math test!
Person #2: Dude, that's hella ballnettin'.
by TheBoosh April 09, 2010
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