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Resting your balls on someones face covering their eyes like glasses.
I put my nuts on her nose. Looked like ballfocals.
by mandt July 23, 2011
(noun) the term used to describe what someone wears when a man aggressively pins them to the ground and places a testicle over each eye.
She kept nagging at me about working too much, so I made her wear ballfocals when I got home.

by WebWad February 06, 2009
The act of placing one's testicles over the bifocals of an unsuspecting victim. This is often performed to an individual who is asleep or unconscious, much to the delight of the assailant and spectators alike.
"Much to Jessie's chagrin, he woke up during class to find a pair of testicles covering the glasses he was wearing. Yanks had provided him with a complimentary pair of ballfocals"
by Yanks Gonna Give it to Ya May 16, 2006