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refers to when somebody has had such an amazing time that no other word can describe it. Also can be used when describing an event or situation.
Ryan: So man how was your weekend?

Spencer: Dude, it was great! A total ballacaust!
#ballin #ball #baller #ballin out #ballin outrageous
by titanfan29 February 15, 2010
When a man is wearing jeans that are way too tight so that they squish his balls like an apple sack and he sits in such a way that they are obvious and 'in your face' annoying.
You're in a meeting with your boss and he has his foot up on the table and his legs all spread so that his squished ball sack is facing right at you. You're being Ballacausted!
#ball #captain apple sack #ball sack #in your face #arrogant
by Aneeda October 12, 2011
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