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The undulation of the scrotum that naturally occours due to moderate temperature changes.
This ball crawl is making me think I've got bugs.
by ball crawl man November 11, 2007
4 6
The movement a man makes to reposition his scrotum and/or penis from an uncomfortable area. Commonly caused by sticky sacitis.
-"Dude, why are you moving around so much?"

-"Sorry man, ball crawl."
by Shazmanbob June 30, 2014
1 0
Going out with friends from place to place doing a ball of coke.
- Let's go for a pub crawl and drink 32 beers !

- No man, with that kind of money, we can buy a ball of coke. Let's do a ball crawl and do 32 lines.

- What was I thinking man ?!
by dr_tightFold August 01, 2011
2 3
The act of having sexual intercourse in a ball-pit.
Dude, that babe and I went ball-crawling last night!
by Original Ball-Crawler April 04, 2011
2 3