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The movement a man makes to reposition his scrotum and/or penis from an uncomfortable area. Commonly caused by sticky sacitis.
-"Dude, why are you moving around so much?"

-"Sorry man, ball crawl."
by Shazmanbob June 30, 2014
Going out with friends from place to place doing a ball of coke.
- Let's go for a pub crawl and drink 32 beers !

- No man, with that kind of money, we can buy a ball of coke. Let's do a ball crawl and do 32 lines.

- What was I thinking man ?!
by dr_tightFold August 01, 2011
The act of having sexual intercourse in a ball-pit.
Dude, that babe and I went ball-crawling last night!
by Original Ball-Crawler April 04, 2011
The undulation of the scrotum that naturally occours due to moderate temperature changes.
This ball crawl is making me think I've got bugs.
by ball crawl man November 11, 2007
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