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A member of the human race that enjoys inserting marbles and other round smooth objects in his/her mouth or using his/her tongue to glide across the surface of such said objects.
That girl always has her tongue on that bag of gumballs. She's such a ball licker.
by JB2003 August 14, 2003
Ball licker, going down.
"Hey ballicker, You go down? Teabagger!
by balls November 03, 2003
1.(masculine)One who breaks a girl's heart through cowardice and lack of testicles.
2.One who benefits from their own lack of testicles.
That fricking ball licker broke my heart! He's such a ball licker!!
by Faith January 26, 2005
One who licks spherical objects, one whom is a fan of spheres.
Your mother is such a ball licker when she goes in to buy ice-cream.
by Werther November 20, 2002
pat mccallim
pat is such a ball licker!
by baxter September 10, 2003
a pus filled scrotum sucker
a lover of sweet meats
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
Chris Martin
Chris Martin is a heaving, alcoholic, bald ball licker!
by Prick February 14, 2004