A member of the human race that enjoys inserting marbles and other round smooth objects in his/her mouth or using his/her tongue to glide across the surface of such said objects.
That girl always has her tongue on that bag of gumballs. She's such a ball licker.
by JB2003 August 14, 2003
Someone that loves the cock!
your mum
by Quincy November 12, 2003
Ball licker, going down.
"Hey ballicker, You go down? Teabagger!
by balls November 03, 2003
One who licks spherical objects, one whom is a fan of spheres.
Your mother is such a ball licker when she goes in to buy ice-cream.
by Werther November 20, 2002
1.(masculine)One who breaks a girl's heart through cowardice and lack of testicles.
2.One who benefits from their own lack of testicles.
That fricking ball licker broke my heart! He's such a ball licker!!
by Faith January 26, 2005
pat mccallim
pat is such a ball licker!
by baxter September 10, 2003
a pus filled scrotum sucker
a lover of sweet meats
by Anonymous September 18, 2003

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