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The act of pulling one's balls out and jamming them into someone's face. Along the same principal as a cock slap, but for those with larger balls than their penis.
Janey kept calling Todd names, so Todd ball jammed her and she shut the fuck up.
by Bramble July 12, 2004
A human event that induces the emotional experience of being a ball and being jammed in a machine.
"Balljam! As it turns out, we are lost."

"Balljam! I forgot we had plans tonight, so I'm actually..."
by elaszcz January 05, 2010
The smelly, pasty crud that builds up between your nutsack and your inner thigh after you haven't washed down there for a few days
Jane started to go down on Tim but when she caught a whiff of his balljam she realized she should have brought a butter knife with her to spread it on some bread.
by almondhead June 18, 2015
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