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Mexico's Favorite Toy For over 1000 years!
The objective is to catch the ball in the cup.
No need to worry if you miss, as the ball is attached to a string that is attached to the cup!
Storage is as easy as catching a ball in a cup!
Ball in a cup, ball in a cup, it's a ball in a cup!
by God of the New World October 20, 2007
The most fun that you can possibly have... on a budget.
It's basically a large wooden cup with a handle to grab, attached to the handle is a string, and attached to the string... is a ball. The goal is to get the ball, in the cup.
I went in to town and saw some broke looking kids, they played ball in a cup for 2 hours!
by Creeper Jones July 21, 2009
It is when a girl tries to bounce your testicles into her mouth from her chin.
Dude does she play ball in a cup?
by LilCrispyNN September 27, 2010
Where someone cuts off the bottom of a plastic cup and puts their balls in a cup and begins to teabag a member of the opposite or same sex.
"Don't make me set my ball in a cup on you!"
"My favourite activity is ball in a cup."
"Dude I don't get how you actually managed to do ball in a cup with her/him!"
by Ben Tupper! August 10, 2008
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