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Alcohol, commonly vodka, snuck into a bar/restaurant/club for consuption on or outside of premises. Usually carried around in an inconspicuous container such as a water bottle. Prevalent during times of recession to save money. Can also be used as a code word for alcohol.
Individual 1: Damn, the shots are $10 at this place.
Individual 2: Relax, I have some Balitnikoff.
by vzilla February 20, 2010
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Russian-american NFL Hall of Famer. Namesake for the famous Vodka mixed drink, the Balitnikoff.
Dimitriy: Hey, I'm thirst why not drink some Balitnikoff?

Tom: Well, Dima, mostly because I cannot drink Vodka in high quanitities because I am not Russian like yourself.
by RokThruHere February 21, 2010

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