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"Balig" is an Arabic word (name) with the middle name as "ul", which makes "Baligul", after concatenating "Balig" and "ul". It should be pronounce as "Baleegh". Its comprises of two Arabic words which are "BALAGAT" and "FASAHAT" or one can say "BALAGAT-O-FASAHAT". Where "BALAGAT" means a person whom one can understand very easily(like an open book). And "FASAHAT" means a person who leaves his/her impact on the listener by his/her talks.
Baligul like Balig who was a smuggler who worked for Talon Karrde for many years. He was a turbolaser gunner on Wild Karrde during the Raid on Bilbringi.
by Baleegh March 11, 2010
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