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A firm, determined, erotic, ferocious, shake-weight-esque, professionally delivered, precisely executed hand job, full of motion in a climate controlled crib. All of your problems are released in five minutes when receiving a Baldi.
Clifford: Yo Dutchy just got a Baldi in the crib!
Felix: Dude I got one in the attic!
Frederick: I'm next in line!
Pablo: Who wants a Baldi?!?!
by baldilover69 January 11, 2011
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(1) An ineffectual person. (2) A person who cannot deliver on promises. (3) A person suffering dysthymia and resultant inertia. After M. Baldi, putative literary agent.
The baldi had said that she would get to the manuscript within two weeks, but hadn't done so after three months, failing in the meantime to respond to numerous letters and phone calls.
by Clancy Teargarten August 03, 2003
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