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A public school on the main line that has pretty good teachers and high test scores. 90% of the students are rich white jews, 5% are white non-jews, and 5% are minorities. Everyone thinks there sooo cool because they hook up and play sports when the reality is everyone is a bunch of losers with no lives. Everyone thinks they are slutty but most of them just dress that way. Most kids do pot and get high all the time. Some even come into school rele high and get suspended by the dicky administrators. 6th grade teachers coddle, 7th grade teachers are dicks, 8th grade teachers are the meanest ever. Communique is the only program worth doing because VOC and AWW are the gayest things ever created. If you want to waste your year, do VOC or AWW. So Pretty much, everyone sucks, but you learn a lot.
So thats bala cynwyd middle school for u
by bcslutttttttttttttttttt June 07, 2011
A school where the only population is a bunch of rich jocks. The Asians prowl the grounds eating what is left of dead students. The Blacks drink too much Kool Aid. If you go to the girls soccer team then theyll fuk u up all at once. THERE AINT NOT A FUCKIN JEW IN SIGHT.... maybe he was crucified?
Bala Cynwyd Middle School can suk my jawn
by Bitchhater66 April 26, 2011
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