Scientology with less religion, defined by the economic advantage of conning in a customer (or oftenly 'sucker') by teasing them in with a deal or other great benefit but then as they are about to pay the deal are told that the original product is not available but that a substitute is. They then employ the people to then buy a more expensive item. The original product is never revealed to the person, it is an easy economic trick
In bait and switch, a thetan is a sucker and tom cruise is the guy on the billboard with shiny teeth
#fraud #scientology #con-man #con man #pc world
by the person who shall not be named September 09, 2007
Top Definition
The policy used by Bell Mobility to get more money out of their customers. They will *bait* you in with offers of really good stuff, then switch the offers around behind your back, often with the excuse of "that was just a promotion" or "you must have changed it yourself"
Bell: We'll give you this really good plan.
You: I'll take it.
*bill arrives without the really good plan*
by James Hannan April 26, 2005
A selfless act a man does for a good friend.

A guy does the following during a bait and switch:
1. Brings a drunk girl home.
2. Has sex with her.
3. Waits for her to fall asleep.
4. Calls a male friend to come over.
5. Asks the friend to lay in bed with the girl.
6. Sneaks out so the friend can get sloppy seconds when the girl wakes up.
I never really liked Freddy, but once he let me in on a little bait and switch I got nothing but love for the guy.
#homie #friend #bitch #sloppy seconds #ain't no fun
by Extra Mayo April 07, 2015
When a fairly attractive woman or man introduces themeselves to a group of the opposite sex in order to get their ugly friend in the door
I thought I was money but she bait and switched me into talking to that pig
#bait #switch #ugly #attractive #group
by JP408 June 06, 2007
the term can also be used for a relationship when a girl or guy "advertises" her or himself as being something s/he's not and in the end ends up being a shoddier "product" -- a lesser person than was originally promoted.
for example a guy might start out being really attentive to a girl he wants to go out with: lots of emails, text messages, dates, flowers etc... and then once the girl has committed to the guy in some way he turns off the attention and hardly ever calls, no more flowers, hard to get hold of etc...
duped Girl 1: Todd hasn't called me in a week; he used to call twice a day.
Girl 2: Sounds like he did a bait and switch on you.
#dating #false advertising #all that glitters is not gold #the disappearing act #harry houdini
by zoey75 April 05, 2006
The process by which a girl procures a free drink from a man at a bar, and then escapes awkward conversation by pawning him off on her friend.
Tiffany pulled the old bait and switch on small awkward man by putting Jenny in the line of fire.
#bait #switch #bar #drink #diversion
by paul pfifer January 17, 2009
When a girl stops putting out after she's married. Girls will act as though they are sexually liberated and always up for it, then once the guy is locked in they turn into a frigid prude.
Guy - "my wife used to be up for all kinds of kinky shit all the time when we were dating. Then we got married and it all stopped; I haven't had a blow job in 2 years."

Friend - "looks like she pulled the old bait and switch on you bro. Bitches be doing that to get a ring on it"
#bait and switch #prude #sex #change-up #wife
by Fullcore December 28, 2013
In a game of Halo 2 or 3 when in a situation of two on one where players A and B are on the same team and X is on the opposing team. Player A engages in a fire fight with the opponent (player X) lowering their shields substantially and in the process losing most or all of their shields. Before player A is killed he retreats into a room or cover and player B emerges a half moment later. Player X believes that he is being faced with the same enemy and moving in for the kill. In reality he is at a disadvantage and is killed by the fully shielded player B.
I thought that guy was either being really brave or really stupid, charging back out after i had his shields flashing....turns out it was a different guy. I got bait and switched.
#halo #gaming #trap #gamer #tactics
by Cam Cam Bam September 11, 2010
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