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the word you use when making the noise of a gun, to show people that they have been proved wrong, show how quick something was or even just to end an awkward silence.
1) So i heard that your dog died. Baing!
2) i knew that Voldemort was evil the whole time, idiots. BAING!!!
3) *scilence* BAING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by COURTZ D'M October 24, 2011
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The highest form of psyche any human being is capable of comprehending. In other words, you were not, without any shade of a doubt, serious about what you previously said. Also, word can be yelled and during said yelling, give the person you're conversing with thumbs up for the entirety of the word.
Nos stickers +50 horsepower, aluminum spoiler +500 horsepower -1000 pounds, un-painted body kits +450 horsepower...BAING
by Lutes November 08, 2006
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