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Bahzing is a highly specific term that can be used to refer to a case in which a girl's skirt has been flipped up in the back due to sitting on it that way for a period of time. Simply using this one word can illustrate to the listener an entire scene of events.
Man, after chem today... bahZING!

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1. Someone or something has disappeared
2. Something has magically appeared
3. Someone has suddenly appeared, and announces their arrival with a friendly Bahzinnnng
1. "Where did that schnitzel go?" "It went bahzing"

2. "Oh, that dildo under my pillow? Why, you looked under the pillow, and BAHZING, there it was!"

3."Dooood, Celina sucks so much,I hate her!" Celina: "bahzinnnng, helloooooo hun!"
by SeeKayWhy May 20, 2004

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