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This term can be used in a whole plethora of manners, a hugely versatile phrase which rolls off the tongue with ease and to great effect. There is no direct definition as such, due to the elasticity of the word. Can be used most frequently as an acknowledgment but also as a greeting, an agreement or if required in an abusive, sporadic fashion.
As an acknowledgment: 'WOW did you see that goal?'... 'I did, that goal was fucking Bahuh'

As a greeting: 'Alright mate?'... 'Bahuh'

As an agreement: 'Anybody fancy a pint?'....'Bahuh to that!'

When being abusive: 'Oi youth, are you taking the piss out of me? I'll stick you on the deck you stupid fucking Bahuh!!'
by MichaelButler July 11, 2010
Informal term for 'hello'
Used in groups of friends that understand the meaning of the phrase.
Can be blurted at a by-passing pedestrians, bike riders and random youths.
Example one: Ayup Dave---Bah Uh,

Example two: A lonely walker on the side of a country lane, 'Bah Uh' is blurted from car window.
by Mike Butler June 19, 2005
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