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According to zoroasterian texts, Bahman means "Good Purpose" and it also means protector of animals.
The name Bahman in the persian language means avalanche and it is also the 11th month of the year, equivelant to November.
Bahman in the ancient times was beleived to be the name of the god of good will and good purpose, he was also beleived to have been a bit of a ladies man. But he only had one real love, Delara - Godess of love and kindness.
"he is such a bahman" meaning : he is such a ladies man
"he has such a bahman" meaning : he has such good will/purpose
"oh! i can't beleive its nearly bahman" meaning : its nearly the 11th month of the year.
"there is a bahman coming" meaning : there is an avalanche coming

by ahmad abdul April 30, 2008
Iranian name/month.
A person with the name Bahman is always awesome, they are pretty cool people. The are really smart. The girls are usually all over 'em
Guy 1: Hey dude you know that guy Bahman?
Guy 2: Yeah, the one who gets all the chicks?
Guy 1: yeah!
by 987787 August 18, 2011
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