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A LLTD (Lickey lickey transmitted disease). The first case of it was in 8/6/2014 when one male reported a mosquito biting him. A man in a chat room had a nurse as a wife but did not want to wake her. So no people with official doctor title could help him. One member of the chat-room asked if it was a case of Bahlickeylickey. The victim reported that a mosquito turned the bite purple. The man that helped him said that this was a sign of Bahlickeylickey. Soon more and two more victims claimed of of having Bahlickeylickey or having it at one time in the chat-room. To transmitted it you must give someone a "lickey lickey" or get bit by a mosquito. Symptoms are joint pain and headaches. Help a love one if they have it and don't make fun of some one who has it. The only know cure is treatment with a turtle only a select few know how to use the turtle. Only the doctors know how to use a live turtle in the process. The patience are sedated so they only have the doctors word for it. Treatment can take months. Bahlickeylickey is a really problem and a real disease. If you have signs of it you must get to a hospital as fast as you can. Bahlickeylickey is a very rare disease so chances of it are low of you getting it.
Person A: "My mom just got bahlickeylickey."
Person B: "Did your dad give her a lickey lickey hahahahah"
Person A: "No a mosquito bite her. Why do you always have to be like that."
by Bahlickeylickeysurviver August 07, 2014
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