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The act of bringing a man to climax through either oral sex or the use of your hands. Then guarding your face with your left hand, punching the victim in the scrotum with a back, forward, back motion, Creating a sense of nausiating pleasure.
"My ex gave me a bagshot last night, it was such a conflicting moment emotionly!" Said Dale

by Thomas Ford. June 11, 2008
To catch someone off guard and whack them in the nuts
Tyler - "Joey, shut the fuck up or you're getting a bagshot"
Joey - "Whats a bagshot?"
.... Whack!
by Tyler--B December 13, 2007
To inhale the smoke from a marijuana joint or bong, and blow it into another person's mouth. See shotgun
"Yo man, give me a bagshot from that"
by kikkoman69 June 08, 2004