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When having anal sex it is possible to prolapse, some people then take that prolapse and staple it to the ass cheeks to create a donut out of the internals then a few days later it starts oozing yellow fun stuff that is baggle mung
Ooh I just prolapsed quick pull it out and staple it then you can have baggle mung for tea
by Ccasling May 29, 2012
noun - a grouping of douches.
As I was walking through the mall a baggle exited the Aeropastale in front of me. I grew furious.
by Kerek Drimsevig January 27, 2011
The adjective used to describe the action of being on a moving boat, such as you might find on a river or canal.
-I had a great job baggling along the Regents Canal this summer.
-The girls drooled as the sexy skipper baggled past them topless.
by Suze Boo October 06, 2004
A derivitive of hoe-bag, Baggles is often a term of endearment used to identity one's older sister, but only if she is white and thinks she is black, and has little or no sexual history.
My sister Baggles got into NYU by writing essays about Tupac.
by Jerzley July 17, 2006
inner City, breadline slum scum. Prolly on smack definatly buying stolen goods and shopping at netto. Prolonged exposure to poverty and suger butties, has saucer-sunken eyes, smokes 80/day and a fiesta xr2
Oh, Shazzer, that baggle scummer, she's 'angin'
by Mark Jones January 22, 2004