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When a guy soaps up a girls butt in the shower and rubs his penis in her crack.
Yo Santos, this morning my lady and I got in the shower and I bagel dogged the shit out of her!
by bdogzzzz June 17, 2010
The act of wrapping the penis around the skin flap/fold of an obese female, or male until said penis looks like a bagel dog.
Jim: hey Eric see that fat chick over there

Eric: where?

Jim: over there

Eric: yea

Jim: I'm totally gonna bagel dog her
by Theoutlawjosiewhales August 15, 2009
A delicious treat enjoyed by many, consisting of a hot dog surrounded by a hot toasty bagel. It may or may not be topped with condiments.
"Mary Poppins and company are making bagel dogs tonight."

"Get your hands off my bagel dog!"
by Bagel dogs for life March 27, 2009
A Jew. Because, you know, they love bagels. And they're dogs.
Ari, Shlomo, Nadav, Alon, Effrecheim Goldenbergstein....all of these men are likely Bagel Dogs.
by Definitely NOT a Jew February 04, 2009
Anal penetration performed from behind with recipient on all fours. Anal sex from behind (i.e., doggy style).
That girl's ass is so fine, I can't wait to bagel dog it.
by BHBunny May 14, 2009
an uncircumcised penis
Did you hear that Joey Josh has a bageldog?
by eddie December 03, 2003
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