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Bag O' Dicks = Contains multiple meanings in certain contexts

A phrase demonstrating the "speaker" wants to issue more than just his penis for sucking to the receiver.

Worse than "Suck a Dick," "Bag o' Dicks" refers to sucking more than one.

This phrase can also refer to the way one looks in a negative fashion. He looks like a "Bag o' Dicks."

The sub-skill that one shows in sports: "He is playing like a Bag o' Dicks."

Bag o' Dicks can also stand in for key cuss-words such as bullshit, fuck, god damn it, and son of a bitch.
Brian: (Stubs his toe and yells) Bag o' Dicks!!!!

Brian: (Watching the Sixers play) Jesus, these guys are playing like a Bag o' Dicks.

Brian: Is that a Bag o' Dicks in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Brian: Whats wrong, you been sucking a Bag o' Dicks recently?

Brian: Bag O' Mothafuckin Dicks!
by Yes, Its Brian February 12, 2008
Feeling bad or like hell
I feel like a bag 'o' dicks today
by Shiatzu January 13, 2005
1. a noun used as an adjective reinforcing the homosexuality of a certain object

2.n. an actual bag of dicks
man 1: god, did you see how he wore a sweater around his neck to pick up the next harry potter book?
man 2: ya, those people are gayer than a bag o' dicks.

your gayer than a bag o' dicks
by IsaacTheBenevolent April 09, 2006
Person who has a bowl cut and who is also a real asshole.
So this bag'o'dicks comes over and hits on my lady, so I fucked up his world with a right cross.
by Mike December 01, 2004