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*Also known as "bæst"*

Baest is an alternate spelling of "beast" that originated from Modern Warefare Clan Tags. The Clan Tags could only hold four characters and to spell the commonly used slang "beast," one had to use the Latin æ sigma to spell the word in under four characters. The Clan Tag gained immense popularity and began to be used in common internet usage, being spelt "baest." The definition is still essentially the same, other than it has the reference to Modern Warefare.
DUde! EMINƎM is so BæsT!

(Joe) That was such a baest porno! I had an epic boner.
(Mike) Dude, that was Hannah Montana, you perv.
by Alegitbæst September 05, 2010
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One who is more beast-like than a beast.

Alex is pretty Baest.
So is Hannah.

by Alex Gibson (Baest) December 13, 2008
A rare progamer. These types of rare progamers have features like a tremendously large penis, sexy hair, and ass hair that makes 20 wigs.

BaeSt's like to partake in: the detrimental consumption of alcohol, sexual activities (with females, or milan)

Other features include: Living in a small city away from a large city he wishes to be in, yet talks to other wankers on the intarweb.
BaeSt is too cool for an ego
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
a person who generally lives away from a large city that wishes he could live in the big city, thus talks to people in a big city via the internet
by Anonymous March 18, 2003

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