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A moment such as this should happen but once in a lifetime, but sadly happens much more often.
That one moment that many spend their lives trying to reach, but never do. They might just be the next best thing, but they're not quite me.
by Not tellin' December 15, 2003

Words related to Bae Moment

blonde moment
The act of doing soemthing funnily odd, in a blonde sort of way.
Bla: "...." Bla #2: " talk about a bae moment!"
by Sabra December 14, 2003
Behavior similar to that of Bae, i.e. weird and zany.
Danny asked Tigger what time the scheduled maintenance was, even though she had just said it. Tigger comforted Danny and told him he'd just had a Bae Moment.
by Enilk Libb VI December 13, 2003
A definition cannot even explain a moment such as this.
An example cannot even explain a moment such as this.
by Anonymous November 24, 2003
A Bae Moment is a moment that everyone wishes they had - except Bae.
It was at that moment Bae knew she should have gone to bed earlier.
by Anonymous December 13, 2003
"What a Bae moment!"
by Emma Dilo December 13, 2003