A Sexual odor. Usually after rough and sweaty intercourse. Smells like Butt, Ass, Dick, and Pussy.
whoah! It smells like badussy in your back seat.

Close your bedroom door, it smells like badussy!
by Lomeli May 04, 2004
post sex smell that lingers under the genitals on the male, and vaginal area of a female after having sex also stands for booty,dick,and pussy
you my balls smelly like badussy.
why ?
cause i just romped out stephany
by jafu March 02, 2006
Mix between a Booty and a Pussy
-What's the hell is that smell?
-smells like ass
-no smells like pussy
-No it's a Badussy
by PHomer January 23, 2009
A term used by prisoners to describe ass sex.
The inmate is looking for some badussy...
Inmate#1, checkout the new guy...

Inmate#2, Yah, I bet he has a tight badussy
by v-image May 30, 2009
but dick and pussy smell or odor all together
that chicks breath smells like badussy!
by joe December 12, 2003
balls ass dick and pussy also a person who smokes alot of weed
youre a badussy
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
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