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A real bad Hoochie. A fugly, nasty, disease infested, dead ass smelling Hoochie. Far worse than your average cum dumpster.
WARRNING Never let a Badoochie give you a hummer.

Man i was banging some chick lastnight and I could'nt stop dry heaving, now I can't stop itching I guess that was one nasty badoochie.

Dude go take a shower you smell like a badoochies ass.
by Doughnut_Slayer July 02, 2009
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A combination of the words booty, ass and coochie. Generally refers to the smell of a room that just had a lot of sex in it.
I walked in on my roommates having sex with their girls in the same room. It smelled like straight badoochie in there!
by iamcoppo February 25, 2017
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