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A pair of binoculars used to check out an ass (badonkadonk).
"Did you see that chick's ass?"
"Damn! let me get out my badonkulars!"
by BUMBLEBEEEEEE November 01, 2009
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a combination of the words 'badonk-a-donk' and 'binoculars'. basically, a tool used by those with bad vision to verify if a girl has a nice ass from a distance.
"hey man, check that girl out, she's a looker!"

"eh, i dunno, better get out the badonkulars, just in case..."
by te72 March 28, 2007
binocular-like structure that zooms in on the badonkadonk.
"My creepy uncle utilizes a pair of badonkulars for checking out the neighbor"
by Atkins & Bowers September 21, 2008

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