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The answer to all questions. Any and every answer on a quiz,test,essay,job application,etc can be answered with this word.

The word has infinite meaning. And can replace anything from one word to a whole paragraph. Basically the word can mean anything.

teacher: "Tim what is the answer to question 5 on last nights homework?"

Tim: "it's badogus"

teacher: "very good. You were the first person to get that one correct"

Example 2

person1: "so what are your views on the war in iraq?"

person2: "well i think it's a load of badogus"

person1: "badogus"

person2: "ah yes badogus"

person1: "So what about badogus?"

person2: "i don't know. badogus?"

by eazybrowniemix February 25, 2009

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