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From Old French, Badgermille, meaning "The place one grinds a badger."

1) n. Is fiasco
2) n. Like a pepper mill, but instead, for badgers
3) n. An action in Olympic fencing, similar, but not quite, to a preparatory action.
3) v. To get physically abused for little or no pay
1) That was the most poorly organized event I have ever seen. It was a total badgermill.

2) Would you like some grated badger with your meal? I hope so, since I just bought this new badgermill.

3) Badgermill. Attack. Touch. Point.

4) Last time I was badgermilled I said I would never come back, but you know me, I'm a masochist.
by Benny the Badger April 26, 2011
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