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An older woman, 36+, who actively seeks relationships with cops; usually sexual. Badge cougars tend to be old shut ins who watch too much Law & Order. These are women who are not social enough to join a regular neighborhood watch yet daily become more obsessively mired in their hatred of kids making any sort of noise whatsoever anywhere near their dwellings. The also openly & loudly scorn the homeless & disenfranchised. In a vane attempt to attract younger officers they generally have all variety of toxins injected into their faces. Similar to a badge bunny only old. The primary goal of the badge cougar is to mate with as many cops as possible especially married cops.
"hey I heard you hooked up with that old Badge Cougar"
"yeah, she's 'mature' but she really knows how to polish a knight stick"
by minatepes January 07, 2011
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