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1.A recurring message spread through time. Seeing the Bad Wolf
means that you should leave wherever you are and hope it doesn't follow you. Though none have ever escaped the Bad Wolf, it wouldn't hurt to try.
Crap, a Bad Wolf, I should flee the country, right now.
by Soudja Jew October 10, 2007
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A term originating from Doctor Who the television show.

It is the term Rose Tyler used to warn her future self by putting the words everywhere including peoples minds and mouths.

Badwolf is also the name of a bay where Doctor Who commonly filmed on. It is the bay where Rose Tyler and The Doctor always meet after she was left there and it is also used as a beach in many other episodes.

BaDWolf is also the faith and love for Rose Tyler. She was by far the best companion of the Doctor. She was relateable to everyone who has seen her.

Before she met the doctor her life was just boring and slow and she was mostly alone in life. The casual go to work, come home, sleep and go to work again wasn't what she wanted any more.

The Doctor showed her a new perceptive, a new life. When she lost that, on that beach in a separate dimension that day, many of us have cried as she broke our hearts crying and breaking down, never to see The Doctor again.

Rose Tyler had met the 9th Doctor, then later on had the 10th Doctor.

The 10th Doctor was an all-time favorite of many people as well.
He was good looking, had great acting, and the best wardrobe.
He and Rose Tyler were goals, a team and the best shipping.

Rose Tyler loved wearing hoodies, as she always did. She was kind, but strong. She could heal you with her words, while also never able to be knocked down. And if she wanted to, she could be the sassy one to take you down.

Love and faith in Rose Tyler.

Doctor: Yes that is very BaDWolf

Rose: What?

Doctor: BaDWol...

Rose: Doctor...?

Doctor: Huh? What was I saying? Oh look over there!

Doctor Who Doctor Rose Tyler Rose Tyler TheDoctor Amy Pond Amy Pond Rory 9th Doctor 9

by July 19, 2016
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A Bad Wold is graffiti in most episodes in Doctor Who
by Eric Sutton June 19, 2005
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A Bad Wolf is describing a who is relatively appealing to others. Wither it be attractiveness, personality or in most cases both. Bad Wolfs are known to get close to people for personal gain. Someone who is a Bad Wolf will find it easy to get close to people and get them to do things, being sexual or nonsexual, but still not feel a strong emotional attachment to that person. Bad Wolfs tell someone what they want to hear to get what they want. Derived from the story “Little Red riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.”
“Do you see that hot guy at the bar? I hear he can be a real Bad Wolf, but I still want to sleep with him.”
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When one male pulls his pants down and a girl (or guy) goes between his legs and places his pubic hair over her forehead. Creating a look o fa harry face with his leg hair around her face.
"Yo dog I just made my girlfriend a badwolf!"
"lets take a picture of her being dog wolfed"
sort of similar to the fad, planking.
by fadmaster666 October 25, 2011
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