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1. A song by Lady Gaga

2. When you're in a relationship that you know is bad for you but can't help it. Can be physically abuse, emotionally straining.
Jeff: Did you see Rihanna's pic after the Chris Brown beating?
Matt: Yea, what a bad romance.
by MattLancaster November 07, 2009
1. The best Lady Gaga song ever.
2. When your in love with your best friend or a friend.
ahh i wish i could have him, this is such a bad romance!
by desperate lover November 30, 2009
A song by Lady Gaga in which he/she sounds like a retarded Italian dinosaur and all it does it repeat the same sounds/words throughout the whole song.

It's really depressing that it is actually considered music.

"WTF dude? You're not singing Bad Romance by the he/she are you???"

"Uh... no"
by November 08, 2009
A new song by Lady GaGa. This song has been published in her new album Fame monster.

It is turning outto be more popular each day.
I chillwed whilst listening to bad romance.
by Finnerty December 01, 2009
The best song ever written by the best artist ever, Lady GaGa.
The song is about the fear of being in love with your best friend wich include the best music video ever, the most viewed on youtube's history!!
I can't stop listening to Bad Romance! It's such a great song!!
by _GaGaGirl** April 18, 2010
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