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A Bad Mother doesn't believe in or seek perfection - she knows that all around her people are cutting corners and putting out a perfect image to the world. A Bad Mother doesnt stress about dust, as she knows that dust in facts helps her child build a healthy immune system and that a sterile environment does not do her child any favours. A group of bad mothers go to and share help support advice and friendship
I AM a Bad Mother lol
by J Porter January 27, 2004
Formerly PI, now Detective John Shaft.
He's one bad mother -
Shut yo' mouth.
by O'Bryen December 24, 2004
Someone who just doesn't give a shit about anyone else or any of their property
"That kid just broke my mailbox and then he flipped me off...what a bad mother!"
by Jim Jonts March 30, 2006
A threatening person known for breaking the rules and not thinking twice about it.
That dude is one bad mother!
by Rodney Basil May 20, 2004
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