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Bad LAN is an adjective used to express any disappointment, similar to how you would use "that/this sucks" or "FTL"

It is used especially (but not limited to) within gaming or electronics.

Taken literally, the term refers to a LAN party gone wrong, such as your internet going out, or for some gamers, running out of budwould be considered bad lan
(actual first usage of the term)
Jordan: Hey guys whats up?
Troy: Nothin', where is Travis at? isn't he over at your house?
Jordan: Yeah, but he got a headache and fell asleep on my couch!
Troy: what? its like 7:00 pm.
Jordan: yeah, trav is bad lan over here.

-Jordan "bEATZ" Heredia

(random usage)
Jordan: Hey you wanna go to the mall today?
Troy: Nah, the mall is really cold, its bad lan there.
by Troy Past November 01, 2007
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