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Yet ANOTHER way to get guys like you to buy funny tee shirts using ]hot girls.

Just like
Busted Tees
Noise Botsa
the most famous if not first,
and another newer one
Palmer Cash
As if you though it wasn't safe to go back to Urban Dictionary to get away from fugly chicks in 'funny' shirts, yet another, Bad Idea Tees...

Bad Idea Tees..wow more hot chicks to advertise these..

I'll bet by Christime 2011 we'll have 25 companies pitching online ads for hot chicks in funny shirts, and Bad Idea Tees are the latest.
by S111 April 15, 2011
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The name says it. BAD IDEA of jokes on some tee shirts.
That is a bad idea for a t-shirt. That is why it's called "BAD IDEA TEES"

Everyone: *Applauds*
by Link998 February 09, 2014
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