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The act of one making the sound of a chicken at a random moment.
As Jamie went bowl her ball, Tom yelled BACOCK!
by Lamanna February 04, 2007
Verb - When a person pulls on a man's penis and he squawk like a rooster.

Noun - Someone who is being an asshole at the spur of the moment. It is a contraction of "Bitch" and "Dick" (Bitch + Dick = Bacock)

Verb - Sarah Jessica Parker just bacocked some homeless guy! Did you hear him squawk?

Noun - Wow, way to say a vagina joke infront of Megan Fox right while I was about to hook up with her you bacock!
by JRome3 April 06, 2011
A female who runs alot and is flat-chested like a chicken.
HONK! Look out its Bacock!
by Eric Ben Dover Shin November 26, 2007
chokin' on some gizzo up in yo throat
"daammn,his gizzo be so damn long i be ba cocking all up in dat shit."
by Starfreaka April 27, 2007
This dorky kid named Matt that goes to Sonoma State!
Matt you are a bacock!
by KS December 08, 2003
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