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Intro: Also known as Backgarden Cricket in the UK, this is an informal game of cricket played in the confines of your green space out back.

Equipment: A cricket bat, several tennis balls (because you always lose tennis balls) and set of stumps or a substitute such as a bin.

Number of Players: Depends on size of garden/yard

Rules: Backyard Cricket uses mostly the same rules as normal cricket but some notable exceptions, which can be used as desired:
-No LBW: Essential for stability as backyard cricket has no umpires. Although if you like massive fights you might want to keep it in
-Six and Out: Hit it over the fence and you're out. And you must fetch the ball
-First ball rule: This means you can't get out first ball. No idea why, maybe some people just can't take goldies
-Electric Keeper: This is where any edges to the keeper/slip area are automatically out, as no one can be arsed to stand there
-One Hand One Bounce: A fielder can catch a batsman with one hand after the ball has bounced once and the batsman will be out. Good if fielders are few in number
-Electric Wickets: If there is only one batsman at any one time, this rules means they can be run out at either end no matter which end they are running to
-Test Match: Means both teams get two innings, used when both teams are crap and so innings will not last long
Man: Fancy a game of Backyard Cricket
Man 2: Sure but no One Hand One Bounce that really annoys me
by umpirestrikesback July 05, 2005
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