The act of stroking yourself while reminiscing of your ex-girlfriends, typically done while looking at their facebook photos. For added authenticity, some backstrokers have been known to call or text an ex-girlfriend who is still willing to talk to them, although the stroking is not known to her.
I'm glad I'm still friends with Jessica. She's my favorite to backstroke to.
#stroke #love #memory #stalk #facebook #loser #myspace #sex
by one_word_oneder October 19, 2010
Top Definition
Unlike my poor mistaken friend who mistakenly defined the word as something else, I know what backstroke actually is. The perfect stroke, relying on actual physical strength, ability and will, unlike breastroke, which is dominated by three-foot tall dwarfs with no swimming talent and enormous feet. If you've actually watched swimming before, you know that it takes a sound backstroke leg to win the 400 IM or give your relay a win. Backstrokers tend to be more manly, and have fun playing games like "Dunk the breastroker."
Idiot Breastroker: OMFG ILY BREASTROKE! It's liek so kewl!
Me: Do you need help?
Idiot Breastroker: *Puts suit on inside-out* Let's do an 800 breast!
Coach: STFU.
Me: *Smiles*
#breastroke #sucks #backstroke #awesome #pwnage #swimming #own
by Hopsicles 2.0 January 26, 2010
back stroke is game. A mans game, something that keeps a woman around.
also is a sexual inuendo.
"oh papi, i sit and, think about, all of the, things that we go trough, and i wonder why i stay, gotta be something in your backstroke"<~~~~~Teedra moses
The most complicated and beautiful stroke in swimming, backstroke is similar to freestyle but swum facing the sky, as opposed to the bottom of the pool like all other strokes. Backstroke is also different from freestyle, breaststroke, and butterfly because it is started in the water instead of from a dive. Backstrokers tend to be long and lean, with a strong core and thighs. Some notable backstrokers are Ryan Lochte, Aaron Peirsol, Natalie Coughlin, and Missy Franklin.
"Ryan Lochte just won a gold medal in the 100 meter backstroke!"

"Wow, I wish I was a backstroker!"
#freestyle #breaststroke #butterfly #swimming #usa swimming
by alwaysclasy January 15, 2012
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