Bacon + pickles. esp. Kosher dills wrapped with bacon at least above the quality of Korn King.
When you're wife is pregnant, she wakes you up at 3am and MUST HAVE bacon, a smart man knows she will next want pickles so wraps the kosher dill in bacon and saves himself the trouble of two trips. AFter the first time she will say, "Honey, go get me some backles!"
by Fargo J October 13, 2008
Top Definition
When one has no butt and there is a straight line from ones back to ankle.
Look at that backle, that chick has no booty.
by jit2552 October 17, 2010
Back fat.
"I grabbed some of his backle. It was a good night."
by Vester November 14, 2008
One whom somewhat exerts profound idiotness.
"See that guy over there, he's a backle".
by joeeeeeeeeee June 21, 2005
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