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The no-win scenario in which anal sex is suggested with your partner. Specifically:

1.How you can posit the endeavor with a reasonable expectation of success.

2. How your partner can decline in a polite and indirect (yet firm) manner.

3.Whether things might be weird afterword.
So I tried the Backdoor Maru with my girlfriend.
How'd that work out for ya?
She said she wanted to try it but then all of a sudden she was afraid. of course I said I'd be gentle.
Of course, but that didn't work, did it?
No. Then I reminded her that I bought special lube, condoms, and even a guidebook. She then reminded me that she had mexican for dinner, but we tried it anyway.
Nice work! So how was it?
As it turns out she likes it... but I don't.
Yeah, that's the Backdoor Maru for ya.
by Mendicantwriter November 01, 2009
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