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The no-win scenario in which anal sex is suggested with your partner. Specifically:

1.How you can posit the endeavor with a reasonable expectation of success.

2. How your partner can decline in a polite and indirect (yet firm) manner.

3.Whether things might be weird afterword.
So I tried the Backdoor Maru with my girlfriend.
How'd that work out for ya?
She said she wanted to try it but then all of a sudden she was afraid. of course I said I'd be gentle.
Of course, but that didn't work, did it?
No. Then I reminded her that I bought special lube, condoms, and even a guidebook. She then reminded me that she had mexican for dinner, but we tried it anyway.
Nice work! So how was it?
As it turns out she likes it... but I don't.
Yeah, that's the Backdoor Maru for ya.
by Mendicantwriter November 01, 2009
Sexual relations between two people of differing religious backgrounds and/or beliefs.
Where's Shlomo?
I saw him go into the bathroom with Christine a minute ago.
Interfaith meeting?
Oh yeah.
Well I'm glad someone's enjoying the party.
And here's hoping their unplanned children will turn out to be as hot as Scarlett Johansson.
Cheers to that.
by Mendicantwriter November 01, 2009
Using ones cleavage to distract/manipulate someone as a means to achieving a greater objective.
Hero: We're so close. If only there were some way to get passed that guard, then we could save Christmas!
Heroine with spectacular breasts: Seriously, is that all? Hey guard! Yeah, do you think this dress is too low-cut?
Generic guard: I can see the face of god.
Heroine: Ok, I think he's distracted.

Say, didn't you used to have two kidneys?
Yeah but some chick was pulling a power girl on me and stole one when I wasn't looking.
by Mendicantwriter November 01, 2009

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