The phrase you dread seeing most in the summer holidays when you go into town for uniform shopping. Why on earth should stores torture you with a reminder that schools just a few weeks away?
I went into Pound Stretcher and saw what i dreaded most, signs saying 'Back to School'.
by sangajin August 13, 2007
Top Definition
Almost like a holiday season, it takes place between the last 3 weeks before school starts and the first 3 weeks after school starts. Major corporations like Walmart and JCPenny feed off your moms money and encourage more of it with their abysmal advertising of back to school sales. Your parents seem to tease and taunt you that school is on its way to the point that you'll want to vomit uncontrollably.
Do you need an example? Alright, just see either school middle school or high school. See also: wal-mart and dollar general.
by suckage July 18, 2005
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