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When a fat persons back is squeezsd together to resemble a butt crack.
1. Bill Clinton likes when he gets a glimps of pure unadulterated Back crack.

2. Most people hate it when a bead of back crack sweat slide into their butt crack.
#butt crack #plumbers crack #flabby #nasty #disgusing
by John Mousie February 17, 2009
When the asscrack starts at the lower back.
look over there is that his ass crack? No his pants are up it's his back crack
by logan December 21, 2003
A butt crack that extends above the waistline sometimes even to the middle of the shoulder blades.
Man JD has a bad case of backcrack!
#butt #plumbers crack #farmers crack #moon crack #butt crack
by superknox1andonly December 22, 2014
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