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A condition that occurs when someone is chunky enough, a bra will sink into their back fat forcing unsightly flaps of skin to protrude over their bra strap creating a floppy "boob-like" formation in their shoulder-blade region. This condition is well documented in smaller towns where there are ample supplies of bacon. It has also been known to correlate directly to a FUPA.
That bitch must be trying to counter-balance her Double D breasts with her C Back Boobies.
by Narcolepticjay August 28, 2006
When someone is so fat that they have boobies on their back.
She should wear her bra backwards, she's got Back Boobies.
by JMBR July 25, 2003
when someone is so thin their shoulder blades look like boobies
Man, She is so skinny she has back boobies!!!
by Topacio March 13, 2006
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