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A name like "baby", "hunny", "jackass", "jerkface", "dumbass", "sexyface" or whatever else you call your significant other, that only they know you want them to feel completely loved when being called this. Sometimes these words become more like the person's name than their given name, it just fits. Stephen King uses babyluv in his book Lisey's Story. The name sounds awkward at first, but then grows on you.
I can't stand you Babyluv! (lies) You're my one and only.
by loosuh February 07, 2007
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The name of Paris Hilton's newest pet. This time, it is a monkey. It was reported that Paris was lingerie shopping in NYC and the monkey bit and clawed Paris in the face!
I bet Tinkerbell is jealous of the newest pet on the block, Baby Luv.
by ChristinaFL November 18, 2005

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